I'm Georgia, a Content Producer based just outside London.
email: georgiafurness@outlook.com

My blog and YouTube channel became my creative outlet when I escaped to the seaside (and best city in the world) in Brighton for university in 2013. At a young age, I realised I loved capturing moments and it would be rare to find me without a camera in my hand. My blog became my space to put those photos, which led to filming more moments too, finding a whole new passion in my life.

In 2018, I started working as a Creative Assistant to content creator and writer, Jim Chapman. As well as shooting Jim’s social content day to day, I worked across all his brand campaigns alongside his management, Gleam Futures. From writing up initial treatments to be signed off by the brand, through to shooting, editing and delivering the finished content.
In 2020, I made the decision to use my knowledge and understanding of creating content in the digital space and set out on my own as a freelance Content Producer. I now create content with leading digital influencers and brands, such as Waitrose, Primark, George at ASDA and Kenmark Eyewear. 
Completely self taught, my approach to creating visuals is not confined within the lines of ‘you can do this’ you can’t do that’. It has allowed me to think outside the box and explore my creativity whilst learning new skills all the time. 
If you’d like to book in a shoot, discuss fun upcoming projects or get creative together, please use the form below or drop me an email and I'll get back to you!
Thank you!
A little more ~fun~ stuff... 
- I'm inspired by everyday simple pleasures - light pouring in through the window, vibrant/ever changing autumn leaves and the first sip of a good coffee.
- If there’s any sort of occasion you’ll find me wearing velvet, with lots of jewellery and a margarita in my hand.
- My house is covered in old school vinyl on the walls, printed film photos, house plants and tortoiseshell everything.
- Photobooths are my favourite thing ever.
- Watching old home videos and going through old photos is my favourite thing to do, but I can guarantee I will cry. 

- When I shoot, the vibe is so important - we’ll put music on if we can, we’ll chat, we’ll have a cup of tea – my goal is to capture people in their best light and we’ll get that if we’re all happy and relaxed. 

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