Georgia is always so much fun and so easy to work with. She’s got the perfect balance when it comes to helping create content that’s relevant for me, whilst adding in her own creative style and opinion. It’s been a pleasure working together! 
- Lily Pebbles

Working with Georgia was an absolute joy. Her attention to detail and the creative energy that she brings to video editing is at once as mesmerising as it is joyful. She enhances every project that she works on and I would highly recommend her services for anyone in need of an extra bit of magic in their videos.
- Paula Sutton, Hill House Vintage

Image credit: Paula Sutton

I've been working with G for nearly two years now and I love her to bits. She's excellent at her job - creative, insightful and talented. But more than that, she's a pleasure to spend time with. We've worked on some big projects across the world and I couldn't have done it without her.
- Jim Chapman

I trust Georgia completely. Her proactive, enthusiastic nature ensures that any task is completed to the best of her highly skilled ability, ahead of schedule and beyond expectation. She is a calming influence and a problem solver, and will often make suggestions and tweaks to the running of a project that boosts its efficiency ten-fold. She is professional, speedy, reliable, accommodating, smile-inducing and always over delivers. I couldn’t recommend Georgia more or be more thankful to have found her in the first place.
- Katie Pix

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